Jul 19, 2008

More cool stuff

In 2004 a book was published by the Interaction Design Institute of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zürich, on the subject of "the interaction" and its place in the world of man-machine-communications. The book, Total Interaction, is a compilation of nineteen essays which offer different perspectives on this complex thematic field; the issues they tackle form the basis of the Institute’s work, research and teaching.

As "Total Interaction" took shape, it became apparent to its editors that the concepts under discussion would have to be illustrated, in order to help the reader understand not only the content of each individual essay, but also the thematic links relating the essays to each other. The authors thus undertook to create visually intuitive graphics, which, in representing the essays in a „second language“, would assist in the extraction and comprehension of more information from each essay (and the book) than reading alone would allow.

This is a cool video of an fascinating concept that I will investigate

This a shape of a song