Dec 13, 2008

FFFFOUND! | cursivebuildings

This is it. And it is important. I would like to take a moment for you, the reader/viewer/podcast or RSS subscriber, to inform you that everything beyond this point ( and by point i mean in the general grammatical syntax, the introduction if you will) Because I'm pretty sure that everything after this sentence will make any sense to anyone other than myself. In addition, i am not going to offer footnotes, references nor distinguish between the thoughts I have as a technologist, and the recent milestones i have reached in my creative process as an artist. I do not yet know if I have the courage to become the poet- but it has [poetry] given my essays and notations a certain continuity which i find helpful when organizing my work. Oh, and i should point this out; this is the other part of that story I, or maybe it's the complete answer, either or is accurate (as far as being valid statements, which does not necessarily make them true or complete) And on that note. I'm going to walk out of my studio, away from my keyboard- thank you, again for your interest, patronage and support. And I need a bike lock, END OF INTRODUCTION