May 27, 2009

As far as I can tell, it was Yeats...who first came up with the concept of

'Negative Capacity'. It's just about all I can do at this time. Because I'm not angry. I knew this was going to happen- the moment one of us decided to offset the timetable. Oh..I should go ahead and note that this may take awhile, and I may indeed write/post/rant/bitch and/or vent in what would appear to be a random, haphazard musings of a struggling middle-aged artist living in, I swear to fucking god- no. wait that's why I have headphones. or to be more specific, that's why I'm wearing headphones. I like my Blackberry. got the headphone jack situation under control. SO I'm not angry because we're not going to be using the Costco bulk-kill-fuck-all indoor fogger pesticide bomb.0000 Which I was rather looking forward to. (because i require that much motivation to buy new dishes. (yes, they're beyond the doing of being "done", or "doing them". Of this one thing I stand triumphant as a slacker/slob/ ...


Sorry about that. I had to take a client support call. So let's do a time check: It's now 1:46pm. the original 'reschedule' was for 12:00pm. I returned from my errands at 11:30. Because. Because I'm using this energy and momentum constructively, systematically. I believe this course of action is not only practical but preferable to the alternative. The alternative would be more chaotic, malicious and destructive . To yell or arguue; assign blame or point fingers is to be wasteful and ultimately counter-productive. So , why is it that i continue to, even on a subconscious level, perpetuate or maintain the conditions that generate and subsequently foster this 'negative capacity'. I think I know why.I see that I am the Ouroboros of opportunity and initiative. I laid the bricks myself. Therefore, I'm not angry. And the reason I feel somewhat better about the whole fucking thing. The time is now 2:oopm
BTW: I was searching for this track, that was once on my LaunchCast Radio station,but guess what?! Here's the punchline and end of part one

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