Mar 31, 2010

Where I am, and

y o u h a v e b e e n h e r e s o m e t i m e: photography

i still believe that today is the day, even though isaac hasn't updated his browser (which is not my fault), and I have'nt sent Nandi that email i promised him this morning and i really need to take a more active role in Phylean's party planning committe; I'm doing something else. This isn't it. This post is part of the 10 other things I'm not doing and did not appear on any ToDo list.  I seem to have drifted off...and then i hear the rain as it falls on wood, concrete, glass and brick (not in that order or at the same time which i find comforting in a way that i can't tell you about). The police siren, a woman's laughter, the scampering of small dog that doesn't bark and may in fact be blind, are close by, still unseen. I 'm going to answer the phone, because i'm a professional and even though it is my friend calling to bum a ride. I begin to snap out of it, and share the work of this artist and encourage you to visit his site. In the meantime I'm going to get started on....[thought: replace activity with accomplishment] ...make a call.

David Maisel’s large-scaled, otherworldly photographs chronicle the complex relationships between natural systems and human intervention, piecing together the fractured logic that informs them both.

Maisel’s aerial images of environmentally impacted sites explore the aesthetics and politics of open pit mines, clear-cut forests, and zones of water reclamation, framing the issues of contemporary landscape with equal measures of documentation and metaphor. As Leah Ollman states in the Los Angeles Times, “Maisel’s work over the past two decades has argued for an expanded definition of beauty, one that bypasses glamour to encompass the damaged, the transmuted, the decomposed.”

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