Apr 28, 2010

And now an unscheduled retrospective on teen angst (High School, 1990)

I was to be enrolled in my third high school. I was going to be a junior in the fall. All of my friends were back in Michigan. I had just moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Actually it was Clemmons, NC- but the public schools were; a joke. [At the time North Carolina was ranked 49th, guess who was 50th: South Carolina.] In the few weeks I was in public school I discovered it was 'that a student could receive an excused absence if they were harvesting tobacco. I couldn't figure out why people kept asking me why I wanted to join the swim team, I made varsity my freshman year- it said so on my jacket from Bloomfield Hills Andover.  I experienced racism for the first time on a concious level as it was subconciously projected onto me; especially by other black students. So I took a job at a summer camp: Asst. Ecology and Enviormnetal director at Lost Lake Scout Reservation in Michigan. Our family was going to be driving back to Michigan  in a couple of days: and I made a bunch of mixtapes (like 30 or 40). One of the was a Depeche Mode mix. Earlier tonight while putting the final touches on Isaac's new workstation-  I happened to come across this MegaMix by KernFusion, and I want to share it, and strongly urge you to download the file by following this link.

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