Jun 27, 2010

Happiest Birthday

I'm 36 today. and I feel great. Tanya, who is just awesome (and i mean that in the best possible way- like she's inspiring and talented and she made me a birthday cake). there was a bbq, and lots of food and new people who weren't irritating, and best friends to share inside jokes with (Activate!). My sister even showed up, which was unexpected, but i was glad she got to meet my friends and hang out. I wish her and I could do that more often. Christine looked great- and brought me the perfect gift. We all hung out in this beautiful backyard, sang songs, drink beer (i was secretly pleased that no one drank wine, it was my birthday, i don't drink wine- and there were 3 coolers of beer. Don't know why i shared that last bit.)

So as I begin to wind down, and probably pass out- I wanted to share a music video by one of my favorite bands. I only have a few minutes left.  I  love you all.