Nov 28, 2010

So I ended up working today...

Otis ReddingCover of Otis Redding
And it was one of those things where I wasn't scheduled and I woke up early- or I never actually fell asleep. So when I walked over to the office with Cece (that i attempted to tweet about earlier, yet didn't quite capture) and I wasn't listening to her go on about the night, the drama, the dilemma, etc.  I didn't know what or why I was there- but shortly after arrival I was given task and timeline. I enjoyed jumping on the trampoline for a few minutes. Then someone showed up, and they were pleased and revised timetables. Laura (she owns/runs the place) was happy to see me and I can honestly say that telling her about my thanksgiving and how I carved the turkey (2nd year in a row), and how our friends and family members played this boardgame. I don't know the game, and I was on a team (of which there were 2) and points were involved. The object of the game (which was to score points for your team) involved taking a word that the 'judge' selected and sing a song that included that word in the lyrics. Naturally some of the parents wouldn't know the current stuff, and the kids would make stuff up for some of the motown classics and oldies.
What made really it special was when someone would start singing acapella, and then everyone else would join in. Songs by Otis Redding, The Temptations and Sinatra were sung by all. I didn't know my dad was into Credence Clearwater Revival, and I was surprised to discover how many of the songs I remembered. I could still sing with a hint of a russian accent for 'sunrise/sunset'.  So now before I check-in with Cece, and lose myself in the computing-troubleshooting-optimizing-administrative/custodial duties that my job entails, and on a Sunday that still has something planned- this is the highlight of my day.
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