Jun 5, 2011

The downward spiral of a fortune-cookie writer...

will not be discussed or revealed at this time.

Watch "Hanna" online,  I'm about an hour into it. I like the movie, but I am in awe of what was achieved in post. The sound design and editing in particular. It is hella impressive, and it's old-school. Straight cuts, and quick fades. It's the kind of work I dream about doing- the type the inspires. I completed my system recovery...  No wait. Let me rephrase. I recovered the internal HD on the iMac and I stabilized my "half"-laptop. But I haven't got it working right. And, as a result, haven't done any real work in the last 4 days. I could really, really, really use a system engineer because I know what I have to do. I'm not doing it because I'm in this weird mindset. It's this grey area that is normally easy to identify and clearly labeled- like my LAN. But I'm watching Hanna, and I'm not thinking about why my NAS volumes aren't showing up properly- or the policies and permissions that seem to apply themselves whenever they feel like it . And I am pleased with the fact I will not be generating a report, or gathering statistics on how long it would take DataRescue 3 to recover 1TB of my files. I am also indifferent as to why the built-in ethernet adapter on my HP TX1000 laptop is, isn't sending or receiving packets (despite what the bios, control panel, windows services tell me that it is there and working). This fog is tempting me to research, troubleshoot and resolve these technical "anamolies". It works, after all- but it doesn't flow like it should. I'm gonna finish watching the movie now, then see what happens next. Kinda like my so-called-life.