Dec 3, 2009

another exceptional video

Collection of short video stories inspired by Nikola Tesla..featuring Marina Abramovic, Terry Gilliam and Laurie Anderson in a story about art and science...creativity... and ideas... and a scientist who created his first engine at age of 9 ( around 1865 ) powered by 16 June Bugs...

other clips from collection available at :

Director & Producer: Helena Bulaja

Animation / stopmotion: Al Keddie / Edgar Beals / Helena Bulaja / Dea Jagic

Animation / drawing: Dea Jagic / Sabina Hahn

Music: Christian Biegai

Sound: Christian Biegai & Blaz Habus

Editing: Helena Bulaja

Camera: Al Keddie

Photography: Mare Milin

Video: Helena Bulaja / Josh Sternlicht / Stuart Page

Bugs: Sabina Hahn

Performing: Josipa & Marijana Bronic / Sabina Hahan / Petar Grimani / Helena Bulaja

Executive producer: Helena Bulaja / AltF4

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