May 19, 2010

Due to Popular demand (and my uncanny ability to never have it on me or forgetting which flash drive i used or network share password to access it )

I did not create this document. Sonic (though not the one i know from Tipsy) deserves the credit.  but I can tell you three persistent and confirmed facts regarding this file:
  1. It is to scale (1:1) and know what you're doing if you are going to print it out, which includes having enough ink, the right paper, etc. And it needs to be updated right about now.
  2. Anyone who has ever found themselves spending an extended period of time as a developer. programmer or engineer or is in the company of those who do, or are inclined to on their own accord: use/build/repair/dissasemble/retrofit/modify a computer will appreciate this. It's deep geek chic 
  3. And the instructions for the goat, necessary to complete a SCSI chain or Token Ring are not included.

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