May 21, 2010

I have a taste for fresh baked french bread made by koreans in chinatown here in oakland

and the title of this post  is completely unrelated to the content embedded above. I've been updating my hulu profile (yeah, i know, but) Joost has lost some it's appeal and i'm avoiding Fancast because i don't want to deal with this on again/off again client who probably can't pay me right now.  My dad shared an observation with me awhile ago that i wish to summarize here which is:  not to confuse activity with achievement. And let me see if i can do this- hold on. Right now i'm getting txt from the client, which i did not expect,  and is one of the un-resolved issues (#1 no project timeline/deadline, #2 how much will i be getting paid) In the beginning i told the client one of my conditions for this project is that I would not be responsible for generating content. Site functionality, compatability and mobility were the areas of expertise I was offering. [translation: i'm not gonna do the graphics, I'm not gonna moderate comments or deal with hosting services/domain admin stuff. I will however take what you got so far, optimize it for search engines, make sure it's listed correctly on google maps and show up on GPS and looks ok on your phone] However, my gut tells me that my role has evolved and expanded into marketing and branding [translation: setting up twitter and facebook accounts/pages] that could then be added or embedded on the clients' website. whoa there, I need to wrap this up- because he just called and i told him i was gonna call him back.

Wrap. It. Up: I got hungry while browsing around hulu. I was on hulu because i was avoiding fancast. I was avoiding fancast because i did not want to deal with client. found a cool movie, and wanted to share it on blog. while posting to blog- attempted to include wisdom from father and how incorporated that into consulting services. unclear as to whether or not that point came across. incidental. client called. coincidence. as a result of taking so long to get to this point, i feel compelled to return call to client, and revise role/responsibilities and compensation (or participation).  bread.

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