Nov 4, 2010

Why I don't use Facebook, even though I like 'The Social Network'

Tomorrow I'm eagerly anticipating yet another poignant and astute conversation with Isaac.  When he and I spoke earlier this evening, our conversation was just getting to the good part. Which is why i'm posting this entry and postponing my visit with Kado.  I should however, let you know that I'm not going to summarize at this time. Be patient, he hasn't even seen the movie yet. But I have a plan. Tomorrow while I'm doing some tech support on a laptop, I'll sit him down and let him watch 'The Social Network'
(I got a real nice 480p divx version from a DVD Screener, and i can live with myself and sleep just fine knowing that I'm going to do a formal review/critique of the movie in the next couple of days) which brings me to part 2 of the plan: setup Isaac's desktop computer with a webcam and introduce him to podcasting. This is something that he's been wanting to do for awhile, and as soon as i post this, I'm going to get a webcam that will fit/form/function. So since this is my plan, i'm going to go ahead and wrap things up by saying that over the weekend I intend to post the inaugural podcast. I'm going to throw a widget in here because. Think of the songs I posted earlier this evening as a teaser or preview, which isn't accurate or true. I arranged the widget so that the latest uploads are at the top (and are timestamped and tagged because rich metadata matters to me) feel free to comment, or not. Stream, download and share. I'll even post to twitter, and more than likely remain apathetic to facebook, and i'll continue to support and incorporate zemanta (as long as it compliments, not complicate my plan). TO BE CONTINUED  

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