Jul 4, 2011

I'm not sure if this image become an icon....

I just wanted to put that out there. On one hand it's kinda rhetorical. On the other hand- I already know the answer to that question. Feel free to comment or request more information. I just discovered that something weird is going on with my computers right now, which in and of itself is weird but not unexpected, because of  multiple device failures.
[FYI/BTW note the time of this post and my current mental state. It is 3am and I'm tired, but my mind is

[this space was intentionally left blank]
I also wanted to do something for Isaac in this post. I wanted to capture part of a conversation we had earlier this afternoon. I was in process of visualizing what the "goal" or "resultant" would "be" and that's when I this thing (see above) and started blogging. And just now I realized that the thing at the top of this can be identified or defined as: an image or an animation or file. It also all those things. I know, and there's more. I don't know how much longer I can keep at this, but now i'm committed to "this" and even if I pass out blogger has this great autosave feature. So where was I.....I see now. image/animation/file and here is a little preview to my answer-
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